"Standing in the GAP for Health Care"


The Disciples Clinic of Athens, Texas, is a faith-based volunteer clinic dedicated to providing high quality , low cost health care to the working uninsured of Henderson County, Texas.

"Standing in the GAP for Health Care"


The Disciples Clinic of Athens, Texas, is a faith-based community health clinic located at 604 York Street, Athens, Texas. The clinic offers basic medical and dental services for residents of Henderson County, Texas, who have no medical insurance, and who meet income and age requirements established by the Board  of Directors.  Applicants must work at least 20 hours per week.

We are a nonprofit corporation supported by donations and grants. A staff of volunteer physicians, dentists, medical professionals and support personnel provide services at a nominal cost based on the patients ability to pay.

The clinic is a non-denominational, community-wide effort to aid those in our community who are in need. The clinic has attracted much support from community leaders and health care professionals of all faiths.

By providing these basic medical and dental services we can treat many conditions in a primary care setting which, if ignored, can lead to trips to the emergency room or a hospital stay.

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